Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Amber Teething Necklaces and All the Essential Facts Every Parent Needs to Know

Your baby starts teething and you don’t know exactly how to alleviate the pain on his gums. You have ever heard about amber teething necklaces and want to know more about those items: whether they are safe and helpful, how many cm the ideal length is, etc. If you look for the detail information, then you will find it below:

Amber teething necklaces are not the new products on the market. Long before we find teething gel, teething pills and other options on the web, amber necklace teething pain reliever has been chosen by parents in Europe for decades and is getting more and more popular nowadays.

The ideal length of teething necklace for babies is around 33cm or equal to 13 inches. Amber is the best material to make this necklace for one important reason: this fossilized pine tree resin contains succinic acid, the special pain reliever property which also provides calming effects for baby.

Genuine Baltic Amber

When you look for amber teething necklaces, make sure you choose only amber from Baltic region. Compared to the ones taken from other countries, Baltic amber contains more succinic acid and the color of beads are more beautiful as well.

Genuine Baltic amber teething necklaces must come with certificate of authenticity. Make sure the seller you would have bought the products from will provide you this essential thing. If you want to test it at home, then use salt water. Genuine Baltic amber will float at the top, while the fake ones will sink.
Amber necklace teething pain reliever is not the only product you can choose for your baby because the artisans also make cute bracelets in many different colors and designs. While the best standard length of teething necklaces is 33cm, the bracelet shouldn’t be more than 15cm.

Colors, Shape and Surface

When it comes to talk about various beads of teething necklace for babies, some people will commonly ask about the level of effectiveness based on color, shape and surface. In fact, all beads are the same. So, you do not have to worry about this. Your personal preference is the key in finding the right teething necklaces for your beloved little one.

Cognac, milky and butterscotch become the three most popular colors. For shape, Baroque and Olive / bean are the most sought-after options. The other colors you can choose are such as transparent yellow / lemon, light cognac / honey, dark cognac / cherry and black. Each bead comes in three different types of surface: glossy (polished), matte (semi-polished) and raw (rough / unpolished).
Among those three types, glossy teething necklaces become the most favorite choice. They have smooth and shiny surface, while raw beads are also popular for their very natural look. If you want something in between those two, then matte or semi-polished beads could be the perfect alternative for sure. They are smooth and still look natural.

Long before the artisans started making amber teething necklaces, Baltic amber was considered to be the symbol of luck by ancient people. This fossilized pine tree resin became the material of jewellery which designs were still very simple compared to what we can find nowadays.

For adults, Baltic amber is the awesome natural stress reliever as well as the perfect help to deal with anxiety. Since amber beads remove toxins too, it could be a good natural immunity booster.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are more than just the cute accessory to wear. They are nature’s best gift for your babies to alleviate the pain on their gums safely and effectively.